Attending Services in Person

Registration Link

The link to register to attend services in person is:

Sunday Services and Occasional Other Services

Parishioners may use our reservation system at to attend services in person. Parishioners who are members may sign up ahead of time to attend one Sunday service per month. Any spots still available by 10am ET on the Friday prior to the service will be available for anyone to sign up and reserve, including both members and non-members. All parishioners (members and non-members) may sign up to attend weekday services, including Saturday Vespers and weekday festal celebrations.

The regularly scheduled Sunday services will become available for sign up on the last Monday of the previous month.  For example, March's registrations went live on Monday, February 22nd. Similarly, the April registrations will go live on Monday, March 29th.

For more regulations, please see our Covid-19 Safety Directives Page.

Great Lent

The Lenten services (primarily the Wednesday Presanctified Liturgies and Friday Akathist services) are available for sign up. Members can register ahead of time for any of them. Non-members must wait until 10am of the previous day to register. 

Holy Week

The following policies and procedures will be implemented for Lent and Holy Week.

Holy Week services will be available for registration around the middle of April.  These will be restricted to members of St. Mary only and will be limited to one registration in this grouping.

Members of the parish can register ahead of time to attend any of the following services. Any spots still available by 10 am on the day preceding the service will be available to non-members:

  • Lazarus Saturday Morning Liturgy
  • Great Vespers on the Eve of Palm Sunday
  • Palm Sunday Evening Bridegroom Matins
  • Holy Monday Evening Bridegroom Matins
  • Holy Tuesday Evening Bridegroom Matins
  • Holy Wednesday Evening Holy Unction
  • Holy Thursday Morning Divine Liturgy
  • Holy Thursday Evening
  • Holy Friday Afternoon Royal Hours and Unnailing Vespers

Members may sign up for only one of the following services:

  • Palm Sunday Morning Orthros and Liturgy
  • Holy Friday Evening
  • Holy Saturday Morning
  • Holy Pascha Divine Liturgy on Saturday Evening (begins at 10 pm)
  • Holy Pascha Agape Vespers (Sunday at 11 am)

If there are any available spots as of 10 am on the day preceding a service, members who have previously registered for another one of these services may register to attend that additional service. Due to limited capacity, only members will be able to register for these services.

Entry Times for Services

Great Lent

  • Presanctified Liturgies - 6:15 pm doors close at 6:45 pm
  • Akathist - 6:45 pm doors close at 7:15 pm

Holy Week

  • Lazarus Saturday - 8:45 am doors close at 9:30 am
  • Palm Sunday - 8:45 am doors close at 10:15 am
  • Holy Week: Sunday - Thursday evening services - 6:45 pm doors close at 7:15 pm
  • Holy Thursday morning - 6:45 am doors close at 7:15 am
  • Holy Friday - 6:30 pm doors close at 7:15 pm
  • Holy Saturday morning - 8:45 am doors close at 9:30 am
  • Paschal Liturgy Saturday evening - 9:30 pm doors close at 10:15 pm
  • Agape Vespers - 10:30 am doors close at 11:00 am


Due to social distancing, there will be no processions by laity chanters and/or the choir. Only Father Antony, Deacon Jeff and the altar servers will process. Parishioners will remain in the pews, including during the Rush Procession on Saturday evening. The ushers will assist with directions.


Unfortunately, due to COVID protocols, there will be no food or beverage permitted in the church for any of the Holy Week services.

Donations for Holy Week

Please submit your donations for Holy Week either by mail to the church office or by E-give, designating to what you are donating, i.e. Good Friday flowers for the Tomb, Easter Lilies, Holy Oil, and how you would like your donation listed in the bulletin.

Other Matters

The COVID Committee discussed the suggestions at the annual parish meeting, which included live streaming the liturgy in the church hall and holding liturgy outside. After lengthy discussion and consideration, the decision of the Committee was not to proceed for a number of reasons.

The COVID Committee has increased capacity to 46 people, which includes altar servers, choir members and chanters. This is the absolute maximum permitted under the present Governor's COVID guidelines. The Committee monitors the guidelines on a regular basis. Our concerns and goal is to keep our altar services, choir, chanters and parishioners safe and healthy.

We appreciate everyone's patience and continued cooperation and look forward to the day when we will be able to worship together.