Coffee Hour Protocol

Thank you for agreeing to host/facilitate the coffee hour. In view of the recent pandemic and to ensure the health of all, the COVID Committee has adopted the following protocols to be followed:

1. All food handlers must be vaccinated and are to wear food-handling gloves, which will be provided by the church. 

2. If you are feeling ill, do not participate in the setup and/or service of coffee hour. 

3. There are to be no children under 13 years of age in the kitchen and/or handling food at any time, including serving people. 

4. The coffee hour hosts shall enlist enough volunteers to serve the attendees. People are not to self-serve. 

5. After coffee hour is over, the hosts must clean off the service tables, clean up the kitchen and take home or dispose of any unused food. Do not leave any food in the refrigerator or on the counters. 

6. After coffee hour, the hosts need to enlist people to assist with putting the tables and chairs in the racks. 

The Parish appreciates your willingness to host a coffee hour and thanks you.