Live Video Streaming of Divine Services

Live streaming is now available for all scheduled services. Check the Calendar of Services for times and availability.

iPhone, iPad, and Android users!

This stream is now iOS and Android friendly. iOS users should be able to click play in the box above. For Android users, and any iOS users that have difficulty, simply click here to watch the stream on your mobile device. For Android users that have problems with this link, you may have to download MX Player first.

We want your feedback!

In order to improve the quality and experience of the live broadcasts, let us know any feedback about your experience with our online stream by emailing us at!

Please support this ministry!

Over the next few months, we will be making improvements to our infrastructure and audio and video hardware to improve the quality of the live stream for our viewers. If you are interested in supporting this ministry, please consider sending a donation to St. Mary's »

Video Streaming for Events

Video streaming is available for weddings or baptisms for friends and family who can't attend your event in person. The cost for Event Video Streaming is $150 for members, $300 for non-members, and includes a password-protected viewing page and setup and breakdown of the streaming service for your event by a trained staff member. You can also get a copy of your streamed event on CD: $50 for members, $100 for non-members. Fees are payable to the church. Streaming is subject to staff availability. For general questions on the video streaming ministry or event streaming, please contact To schedule your event and/or request Event Video Streaming, please contact the Church Office.