Update for the week Friday, August 3, through Thursday, August 9, 2012


BAPTISM INVITATION – Nelson Mitrophan and Michelle Chin cordially invite the parish to the Holy Baptism and Chrismation of their daughter, Mariah Elisabetta, at St Mary’s Orthodox Church this Sunday August 5, 2012 at 2:00 pm, followed by a Chinese reception in the church hall. Please RSVP with number of attendees by Friday, August 3 to javachip23@hotmail.com

VESPERS – There will be Great Vespers this Saturday, August 4, at 5:00 pm.

SUMMER HOURS – Every Sunday during July and August, Orthros begins at 8:15 am, and Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am.

PARACLESIS – Come for the Paraclesis to the Theotokos at 6:30 pm on Wednesday evening, August 8. 


PROJECT MEXICO - Members of the Smith, Porr, Nahass and Dalton families will be representing St. Mary's at “Project Mexico.”  The team left Tuesday, July 31, for Rosarito, Mexico, to build a house for a poor Mexican family.  Team members are Natasha, Jeff, Theo and Gabe Smith, Esther Porr, Jennifer, Paul, Sophia, and Lucas Nahass, Bill, Tatiana, Andrew and Alex Dalton and team leader Kera Dalton.  Please pray for their safe travels and a successful mission.

ENQUIRERS' CLASS - The St. Ignatius Catechetical* Group - Enquirers’ Class will begin meeting on Sunday, September 23 at 9:00 am in the library (next door to Fr. Antony’s office). The group is for non-Orthodox adults who are interested in exploring the Christian Faith as it has been – and continues to be – understood, preached, and lived by members of the Holy Orthodox Church who descend from the early Christian community of Antioch where “the disciples were for the first time called Christians” (Acts 11:26). Bob Kowalik will be teaching the group using materials developed and piloted by St. Mary catechist emeritus David Vermette. If you would like to participate, please talk to Bob during coffee hour; or get in touch by phone 617-889-3436 or e mail r.kowalik@comcast.net. Brochures are available on the Rack behind Bengarri. For those seeking to be received into the Orthodox Church, participation in the group and Fr. Antony’s blessing are required.

ORTHODOX STUDY BIBLES FOR SALE - There are seven ORTHODOX STUDY BIBLES (Old and New Testaments) available for purchase at our cost of $25.00 (usually $50.00). Anyone interested in purchasing one should speak to Marilyn Robbat in the Church Office to reserve a copy. Checks should be made payable to St. Mary Orthodox Church.

LITURGICAL MUSIC CONCERT - The Choir of St. Romanos the Melodist of the Archdiocese of Beirut will be performing a concert of Syro-Byzantine Liturgical Music on their Fall 2012 Tour of the USA from September 10 – 24. The choir is led by the Priest Romanos Joubran, Dean of St. George Cathedral in Beirut and instructor of Byzantine music and has produced several professional recordings and performed throughout Lebanon and Europe:

   The first concert will be Wednesday, September 19 at St. George Cathedral, Worcester at 7:00 pm. Limited Tickets are available. Contact Cathedral Office (508) 752-9150 & reservations are not confirmed until payment is received. Cost: $20/Adult; $10/College Students with a valid school ID; Children 12 and under: Free. Refreshments to follow.

   The second concert will be Friday, September21 at St. George Church, West Roxbury at 7:30 pm. Admission: $10.00 at the door. Reception following.

   This tour has been funded through the generosity of the Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch, the charitable arm of the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America.


DORMITION FAST – The Dormition fast began on August 1, and continues through Tuesday, August 14. Then there will be a Vigil for the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos (which is our Patronal Feast Day) on Tuesday, August 14, the eve of the Feast.  Vespers will be at 4:15 pm;  Orthros with Lamentations 5:30 p.pm;  Festal Divine Liturgy 7:00 pm; followed by a reception offered by Charles Arbeely.
SUMMER GREETERS NEEDED – Volunteers are needed for most Sundays in August, plus September 2 (Labor Day Weekend).  Please contact Buddy Mabardy at 781-729-6303 or e-mail: buddy@cjmabardy.com.  Summer Hours: Orthros: 8:15 am & Liturgy: 9:30 am.  Summer might be a GREAT time for you to start participating in this Ministry! 
COFFEE HOUR VOLUNTEERS NEEDED– Volunteering always falls off this time of year, but the need for fellowship and hospitality stays strong. Please sign up to sponsor a coffee hour, individually or with friends.  It can be as simple as coffee, juice, and cookies, and plenty of help is available.   Signup sheets are on the bulletin board downstairs outside the Hall.
STUDENTS STARTING  COLLEGE  – The Orthodox Christian Fellowship wants to identify all Orthodox students who will be beginning college this fall, in order to reach out to them and give them information regarding the OCF chapter on campus and nearby Orthodox parishes. To give your student’s information, please go to www.ocf.net/wikis/resources/new-student-contact-form.aspx  download the New Student Contact Form and once you’ve filled it out, please e-mail to contacts@ocf.net  OR call the Church Office 617-547-1234 for assistance.  NOTE:  All information remains CONFIDENTIAL.
NEW SKETE PILGRIMAGE –The Monastic Communities of New Skete Monastery in Cambridge, New York (www.newskete.org), invite you to their Annual Summer Festival on Saturday, August 11, 2012, between 8:30am - 6:00pm.  The day will include  Church Services, Church  Tours, Food Court,  Photo Exhibit,  Gardens, Children's Activities, Gift Shops, Guided Hike, and a Healing Service with Anointing.  This year’s guest speaker will be Dr. Kyriaki Karidoyanes Fitzgerald, Theologian and Psychologist, whose theme will be Persons in Communion: A Theology of Authentic Relationships. Information and Registration:  http://content.yudu.com/Library/A1x7fv/NewSketeAnnualPilgri/resources/index.htm?referrerUrl=http%3A%2F%2Ffree.yudu.com%2Fitem%2Fdetails%2F540613%2FNew-Skete-Annual-Pilgrimage-Program---2012
VACATION CHURCH SCHOOL 2012 St. Mary Church, 535 Salisbury St., Worcester, will offer Vacation Church School for Grades K – 7, Tuesday through Friday, August 14 – 17.  Theme:  Our God-Bearing Fathers.  Registration:  $40 per child (includes ticket for Tornadoes Picnic & Game);  Adult Ticket: $25.  For more information,  contact Greg Abdulah 724-518-6811; abdulah.g@gmail.com  
VACATION CHURCH SCHOOL 2012 St. George Church, West Roxbury will offer Vacation Church School, Tuesday through Friday, August 21 – 24, for Pre-School (at least 3 yrs. old AND potty trained)  through 4th Grade.  Theme:  Heroes of the Bible. There will be lessons, crafts, playtime, singing and fun!  Snack provided each morning.  Registration Donation:  $15/1 child; $20/2 children; $25/3 children. Volunteers are needed.  Contact Elisabeth: Elisabeth@stgeorgeofboston.org  or call 617-323-0323.
CHURCH SCHOOL – Registration for Church School for 2012-2013 will be Sunday, September 9. Church School classes will begin Sunday, September 16.
SONIA’S RUN - The fourth annual 5k road race to benefit the Theophany School, in honor of  beloved friend Sonia Belcher, will be held on Saturday, September 17. Watch for  more information to come.

COFFEE HOUR SIGNUP – A signup sheet for coffee hours is posted on the bulletin board outside the coat room.  There are plenty of dates to choose from – sign up now for the date you will sponsor the coffee hour!

DONATE VIA eGIVE– Did you know that you can make your donations to St. Mary through eGive, and have no more envelopes or checks to worry about?   If you have not yet set up an account, you can do it at www.egive-usa.com, or contact Charlie Marge (marge@alum.mit.edu) for help. The Recipient Organization is “St. Mary’s Orthodox Church.”

STREAMING VIDEO – St. Mary’s Church services are broadcast live each week through an internet video stream.  If you can't attend a service in person or want to share this ministry with a friend or loved one, the live stream can be viewed at www.stmaryorthodoxchurch.org/live  during regularly scheduled service times (see the schedule of services below or online).  If you have questions or comments about this ministry please contact us at live@stmaryorthodoxchurch.org.

VIDEO STREAMING FOR EVENTS – Now you can video stream your wedding or baptism live from St. Mary’s to friends and family who can't attend your event in person.  The cost for Event Video Streaming is $150 for members, $300 for non-members, and includes a password- protected viewing page and setup and breakdown of the streaming service for your event by a trained staff member.   You can also get a copy of your streamed event on CD: $50 for members, $100 for non-members. Fees are payable to the church. Streaming is subject to staff availability. For general questions on the video streaming ministry or event streaming, please contact live@stmaryorthodoxchurch.org.  To schedule your event and/or request Event Video Streaming, please contact the Church Office.

PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES – Please do not leave valuables unattended in the Church Hall or Coat Room.

FIRST IN, LAST OUT – Please do not park in the small lot behind the church unless you intend to stay through the end of coffee hour. The only way out is the single lane driveway.  Please pull all the way in to the parking space, and please do not block the driveway – if the lot is full, you can park on the street.


There are a number of ways you can help the Church, your fellow worshippers and those in need.  Consider serving in one of these ways:

BE A GREETER - The Parish Council is continuing the Greeter Program, similar to other churches, to greet and aid parishioners, guests and visitors into the Church each Sunday.  As a Greeter, you will welcome people into the Church and help to direct visitors upstairs to the Liturgy, as well as keeping an eye on the Vestibule, hallways and entrance ways during church, arriving at Church at 9:45 am.  Greeting time ends when Communion starts.  We need volunteers.  If you would like to be a Greeter, a Sign-Up Sheet is posted on the Church Bulletin Board.  If you have any questions, please contact Buddy by e-mail buddy@cjmabardy.comor call him at 781-729-6303. “I was a stranger, and you invited me in………”   (Matthew 25:35)

LITURGICAL SERVICE - Each Sunday, members of the congregation are needed to read the Epistle and assist during Communion by holding the Communion Cloths and Holy Bread Baskets.  All Orthodox Christians in the Parish are welcome and encouraged to participate. We usually need one Epistle  and six people to hold cloths and baskets.  If you would like to read the Epistle or assist during Communion, please contact Jeff Wasilko, 781-820-0882, jeffw@smoe.org

COFFEE HOUR – People are needed every week to provide coffee, juice and cookies, or more if desired, and set it up Sunday morning. To sign up for an available Sunday, please put your name on the new signup sheet on the bulletin board outside the Hall or call Marilyn Robbat in the Parish Office and she will write your name in. If you need any help with figuring out what to bring or do, check the list below the signup sheet (also printed in the Bulletin), or ask Marilyn at secretary@stmaryorthodoxchurch.org or 617-547-1234.

PRISON MINISTRY – If you would like to find out more about Prison Ministry at St. Mary’s Church, please subscribe to our mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/ocpm-concord

"As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me," says our Lord.


GREETER:   If you would like to be a Greeter please contact Buddy by e-mail buddy@cjmabardy.com or call him at 781-729-6303.
LITURGICAL SERVICE:   If you would like to read the Epistle or assist during Communion, please contact Jeff Wasilko, 781-820-0882, jeffw@smoe.org

COFFEE HOUR:    Rob and Linda Arnold


Saturday, August 4:  Great Vespers 5:00 pm
Sunday, August 5:  Orthros 8:15 am, Festal Divine Liturgy with Blessing of Grapes 9:30 am  (Summer Hours) 

SCRIPTURE READINGS for Sunday, August 5, Feast of the Transfiguration:

Epistle: St. Paul's St. Peter’s Second Universal Letter, Chapter 1:10-19

For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty. For when he received honor and glory from God the Father and the voice was borne to him by the Majestic Glory, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased,” we heard this voice borne from heaven, for we were with him on the holy mountain. And we have the prophetic word made more sure. You will do well to pay attention to this as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.

Gospel: St. Matthew 17: 1 – 9

He was still speaking, when lo, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him!” When the disciples heard this, they fell on their faces, and were filled with awe. But Jesus came and touched them, saying, “Rise, and have no fear.”

Monday, August 6: Feast of the Transfiguration (observed on Sunday, August 5)
Wednesday, August 8:  Paraclesis 6:30 pm


Saturday, August 11:  Great Vespers 5:00 pm
Sunday, August 12:  Orthros 8:15 am, Divine Liturgy 9:30 am  (Summer Hours
Tuesday, August 14: Vigil for the Dormition of the Theotokos (Patronal Feast) eve of the Feast - Vespers 4:15 pm;  Orthros with Lamentations 5:30 pm;  Festal Divine Liturgy 7:00 pm,  followed by a Reception offered by Charles Arbeely.
Saturday, August 18:  Great Vespers 5:00 pm
Sunday, August 19:  Orthros 8:15 am, Divine Liturgy 9:30 am  (Summer Hours
Saturday, August 25:  No Vespers at St. Mary
Sunday, August 26:  Last day of summer hours
Sunday, September 2:  Regular hours begin: Orthros 8:45 am; Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
Sunday, September 9: Church School registration
Sunday, September 16:  Church School classes begin

The Perfect Person's Rule of Life:  The perfect person does not only try to avoid evil. Nor does he do good for fear of punishment, still less in order to qualify for the hope of a promised reward. The perfect person does good through love.  His actions are not motivated by desire for personal benefit, so he does not have personal advantage as his aim. But as soon as he has realized the beauty of doing good, he does it with all his energies and in all that he does.  He is not interested in fame, or a good reputation, or a human or divine reward.  The rule of life for a perfect person is to be in the image and likeness of God.
   - St. Clement of Alexandria
Prayer, fasting, vigil and all other Christian practices, however good they may be in themselves, do not constitute the aim of our Christian life, although they serve as the indispensable means of reaching this end. The true aim of our Christian life consists in the [increasing] acquisition of the Holy Spirit of God. As for fasts, and vigils, and prayer, and almsgiving, and every good deed done for Christ's sake, they are only means of acquiring the Holy Spirit of God.  But note, my son, that only a good deed done for the sake of Christ brings us the fruits of the Holy Spirit. All that is done, if it is not for Christ's sake, although it may be good, brings us no reward in the life to come, nor does it give us God's grace in the present life.
   - Saint Seraphim of Sarov
There is a humility which comes out of the fear of God, and there is a humility which comes from the fervent love of God. One person is humble out of his fear, whereas another is humble out of his joy. The person who is humble out of fear is possessed of modesty in his members, a right ordering of his senses, and a heart that is contrite at all times. But the person who is humble out of joy is possessed of great exuberance and an open and irrepressible heart. … A chaste body is more precious to God than a pure offering. These two, humility and chastity, prepare a tabernacle in the soul for the Holy Trinity.
   - St. Isaac the Syrian
Theosis means so relying on divine grace that we live in God and he in us. Orthodoxy affirms the indwelling of the triune Godhead within Christians in an intensely realistic fashion: in the divine energies, God himself – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Jn 14:16-17, 23) – dwells and works within humans, enabling them to become increasingly like him. This indwelling occupies the entire person, body and soul. As God created humans to participate in both realms, and as he made them his  image-bearers in both body and soul, so he intended that his likeness pervade both the immaterial and the material components of human beings.
   - James R. Payton, Jr., Light from the Christian East
Love in the New Testament is always linked to the Holy Spirit, who remains even when all else passes away.
   - Bp. Seraphim Sigrist, A Life Together