Donald DiFiore Memorial Hospitality Group

Who are we?

We are an organization to promote fellowship and service among the St. Mary community. We welcome you to join us!

Our Usual Activities include:

  • Special coffee hours and meals: Welcome Back College Students, Meatfare Sunday, Palm Sunday, etc.
  • Christmas Lessons and Carols service and potluck
  • Lenten potluck suppers after Pre-Sanctified Liturgies
  • Father John vonHolzhausen lecture series
  • Church clean-up days: Lazarus Saturday, etc.
  • Getting to know each other better by setting up, cooking, and cleaning up side-by-side at events
  • Helping others implement ideas as spin-off activities:
    • Liturgical Service:
      • Reading the Epistle
      • Holding the Communion cloths and bread
    • Bible study group
    • Chinese New Year
    • Habitat for Humanity service outings
    • Cultural and musical gatherings: Handel & Haydn’s Messiah, Tanglewood trip, etc.
    • and more!

Contacts for more information:

To hear about our upcoming events and to sign-up to help make an event happen, please sign up on either our Facebook page, or our email list (or both):

Additional Contact Information and Related Websites:

  • Email: 
  • Facebook:


  • Julie Wasilko, President (
  • Diana Yousef, Vice-President
  • Melissa Nassiff, Secretary
  • Mike Decerbo, Treasurer
  • Socrates Deligeorges, Head Chef

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