Christ is in our Midst! He is and ever shall be!

Welcome to St. Mary Orthodox Christian Church in Central Square, Cambridge, MA! We are a parish of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. Hopefully, you will leave here with a glimpse of our unique and beautiful congregation. Perhaps you will even accept our heartfelt invitation to visit us if you are ever in the Boston area. The community of St. Mary's is ethnically diverse, warm, hospitable, and deeply spiritual.

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Special News & Announcements

Holy Week Events and Activities

Throughout Holy Week, in addition to the beautiful church services, there are additional ways to participate in the life of our community! On Lazarus Saturday, there is a parish clean up. Enjoy a delicious fish dinner on Palm Sunday! And bring your kids to church on Great and Holy Friday for a fun and educational retreat! Read more »

Holy Friday Vigil

Teens and Young Adults are invited to join us at the vigil at the Cross. Keep Watch & Wait over Christ's Tomb and Read Scripture Aloud. Holy Friday, May 3, following the Lamentations Service until Holy Saturday Morning. Read more »

Holy Week Service Schedule

We welcome all to join us throughout the year at our Liturgical Services and especially during Great Lent and Holy Week leading up to the Glorious Feast of Great and Holy Pascha. Read more »

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Latest Sermons

The Authentic Person

April 18, 2024 - by Fr. Antony Hughes
Interestingly, the last rung of the Divine Ladder is Love. That is why Jesus talked about Love so often and why I preach about it nearly every Sunday. God is Love, the inescapable power which accompanies us through all the steps of life and Love is also the endpoint of the eternal journey. All resistance to Love is sinful because it obscures the Truth. If Lent is about anything, it is about connecting more deeply with the Lord, with our neighbors and ourselves, not for ourselves alone, but for the life of the world. Read more »

Why the Crosses around our Neck?

April 07, 2024 - by Dimitri Newman
The Church has set the third Sunday of Lent as the Veneration of the Cross. It stands in the very middle of lent as a reminder of why we are struggling through this period. It stands in the middle as a tree, offering its shade, a staff and support to help us through, to encourage us along the way. It is a promise that our small suffering that we are willingly taking on will be of spiritual benefit for us.  Read more »

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Upcoming Services and Events

Wednesday, April 24
6:30 pmPresanctified Liturgy
Saturday, April 27
Lazarus Saturday
9 amMatins
10 amDivine Liturgy
3 pmGreat Vespers
Sunday, April 28
Palm Sunday

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