Regarding the Boston Marathon Tragedy

Dear Clergy and faithful of the Diocese,

Glory be to Jesus Christ. 

The explosion at the Boston Marathon on Monday rocked the lives of many in our Diocese, especially the young people. Please be assured of our fervent and continued prayers for all the victims of this terrible tragedy and for those who stepped up to help in any way. On Monday Evening, the clergy of the Diocese prayed the Compline Service calling upon "God to be with us... as we have no consolation other than Him in times of trouble."

There will be a debriefing for youth, young adults, and all the faithful led by myself and other church leaders TONIGHT, Tuesday, April 16th at around 7:00 PM at Holy Cross Seminary. IOCC's Frontliners Team has been deployed for counseling. Messages and phone calls have been received at the New England Chancery from Bishops, Clergy and friends from all over North America. Know that the Antiochian Archdiocese is praying for our city and state and everyone involved.

Such events can be a source of temptation to doubt God. Yet these events are the very reason Christ hung on the cross; to be with us in our suffering and deaths! God does know and feel our pain and is our constant supporter. God is with us!

May God bless you. I am available to those who wish to speak to me. You can get my cell phone number from your pastor.

May the final days of Lent be for the healing of all within the geographic boundaries of our Diocese and Pascha a real healing and peace.

In Christ,
   Bishop John

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