Liturgy as Philanthropy: Fall Liturgy Retreat

A Fall Liturgy Retreat for Church School children and families will be held on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. (This is Veteran’s Day - a day off of school for many students and off of work for some adults.) The theme of this event is “Let us love one another” - Liturgy as Philanthropy. Our afternoon activity will be the “liturgy after the liturgy.” Kids 12 year and older will participate in a YES (Youth Equipped to Serve) service project. Kids 11 years and under will participate in a number of other philanthropic projects, one of which is making dry bean soup mixes that will be then donated to St. Paul’s Food Pantry. We need funds to buy all of the food items necessary for these packets.  Please consider donating to help off set some of the expense of purchasing the ingredients.  Please give donations to Natasha Smith. More information will be available soon.