Lenten Food Sale

Support the Women's Club of St. Mary Orthodox Church at the Annual Lenten Food Sale. Delicious Spinach Triangles, Hoomos, and Mjadara is on sale until Sunday, March 6, 2016! DON’T FORGET TO ORDER. Lent starts march 14th! Print out the following order form and either mail it to 8 Inman St., Cambridge, MA 02139 or pass in at the Bengarri on Sundays. Checks must accompany all orders and should be made payable to St. Mary Women’s Club.  Cooking will take place on Sat. March 12, 2016 - All are welcome to come help and learn the techniques from the professionals!!

Order Deadline:  Sunday, March 6, 2016 

Order Pick-Up:  Sunday March 13, 2016

(Any orders not picked up will be frozen.) 


Name:  ______________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Telephone: _____________________________  

________Dz.     Spinach Triangles @ $20.00/Doz.             $__________

                                                            (THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NUTS)

*Due to shortage of manpower we are limiting orders to 3 dozen/order

________Pints   Hoomos @ $6.00/Pint                                 $__________

________Pints   Mjadara @ $5.00/Pint                                 $__________

                                                                                    TOTAL ORDER:                    $__________