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An interview with Frank Schaeffer, author of Patience with God

October 18, 2009

What do you mean by patience with God?

I believe that the ideological opposites -atheism and fundamentalist religion-often share the same fallacy: truth claims that reek of false certainties. I also believe that there is an alternative that actually matches the way life is lived rather than how we usually talk about belief. I call that alternative "hopeful uncertainty." Patience with God is taking the time to discover hope in paradox, not demanding answers but rather finding God in ordinary life.

Why do you think people aren't more patient with God?

Because of the people who speak in God's name basically being our national village idiots.

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Talk by Frank Schaeffer on December 5, 2009

October 17, 2009
Best-selling author of Keeping Faith and Crazy for God, a frequent commentator on MSNBC and other news outlets and contributor to The Huffington Post will be speaking at St. Mary Orthodox Church on the evening of Saturday, December 5, 2009. Read more »