St. Mary Special e-News: Vesperal Liturgy of the Ascension: Wednesday May 27 at 6:30 pm

For tonight’s liturgy online sign up on EventBrite. Note: The site inadvertently prevented signups last night, and people MUST signup if they want to come to liturgy tonight.

There are 20 distinct pew spots for family units/households.  Each household only needs 1 ticket.  The site will automatically suggest the closest pew.  To change the selection, go to the map, deselect the ticket chosen and click on the pew number you would like instead. 

Arrive starting at 6:15pm and no later than 6:30pm.
As per the letter that went to parishioners last week, the following guidelines must be strictly adhered to in order to protect the safety of Fr. Antony, the altar servers, the chanters and those laity in attendance:
• Under no circumstances is any parishioner to appear without having signed up via EventBrite
• There will be no access for any reason to the hall area, church offices and/or the kitchen. Children under 12 years of age are to be escorted to the bathroom
by an adult.
• You must have a mask or face covering.  If you arrive without a mask or face covering, you will not be permitted to remain. You need to provide your own masks; the church will not have masks.
• You must bring hand sanitizer with you for your use.
• The Antidoron (holy bread) will be handed to you by Father Antony or the altar server.
• There will be no hugging, handshakes or kissing, including kissing of icons, the cross, gospel and/or Father Antony's hand. To appropriately venerate the
gospel, cross or icon, please bow your head.
• Father Antony will be wearing a face mask during the distribution of communion and during the dismissal for his protection and the protection of others.

Our services will continue to be available by live stream.