October 1, 2021

This Week at St. Mary’s

  • Scripture Readings for Sunday October 3, 2021
  • TOMORROW Saturday October 2nd: Young Adult Apple Picking & Vespers 
    • Join the Young Adult group for Apple Picking at Doe Orchards in Harvard, MA. The group will meet at the orchard at 2:30pm followed by Vespers at 5pm (at St. Mary's)
    • Please sign up here to register for a ride and your first bag free 
    • Register by Oct. 1st (Today!)
  • COVID Update: Masks Required. While we are at 100% Capacity, we ask that you please wear a mask and refrain from physical contact (kiss of peace & touching of icons). Thank you. More information here.
  • Volunteers still needed! More information below.

Upcoming at St. Mary’s

  • Monday Evenings at 7:00p: Orthodoxy 102 Class has resumed, info below

Upcoming elsewhere

  • Orthodox Witness to Christ Program: Beginning September 16th, the Fall 2021 Semester will explore the "Life of the Spirit–What is God Doing in Our Lives?". 
    Open to all, the program aims to empower and equip Orthodox Christians to nourish and share the faith. Hoping to prepare participants for various ministries, the program provides an opportunity for a spiritual journey to learn, reflect, and be transformed through the Orthodox Christian Faith.



  • Led by Subdeacon James, this adult education class is designed for Christians who have spent many years in the Orthodox church, but have never had any formal teaching on the theology and liturgical structure of Eastern Christianity. 
  • Journey through the structure of the Divine Liturgy, while taking an in-depth look at Scripture, the Ecumenical Councils, our iconography, and the meaning and application of Orthodox theology.
  • For more information or to join, please email SubDn. James here (or introduce yourself if you're attending a service in person!).
  • Monday Night Classes Via Zoom (Link coming soon).

• All Divine Services held in St. Mary’s Church can be seen live-streamed from the following Links:  St. Mary Live , St. Mary Facebook St. Mary YouTube  

•One-time donations to the church (For the Good Health of, In Memory of, etc.) can be made on our website using this form.
•In addition to bank ACH transfers, we now accept credit cards for these donations, but ask that you kindly check the box to cover the 2.6% fee incurred by the church for this convenience. For pledge contributions, please sign up for eGive to make ACH transfers.     

WE NEED YOU! Volunteers are needed to assist with some of the technical responsibilities at the church. Please contact Fr. Antony or Raymond Sayeg if interested. 

  1. Website Maintenance
  2. Social Media Maintenance and Monitoring
  3. Sermon Editing and Posting on Web and Social Media
  4. Occasional Tech Support, Layout, and Graphic Design Work for Various Church Ministries



“Just as people do not enter a war in order to enjoy war, but in order to be saved from war, so we do not enter this world in order to enjoy this world, but in order to be saved from it. People go to war for the sake of something greater than war. So we also enter this temporal life for the sake of something greater: for eternal life. And as soldiers think with joy about returning home, so also Christians constantly remember the end of their lives and their return to their heavenly fatherland.”
-St. Nikolai Velimirovich, Thoughts on Good and Evil