September 2007

To St. Mary Antiochian Church

Dear people of St. Mary Church,

I am writing to express my gratitude to your church and attached you will find my modest offering to you.

In the summer of 2004, I came to your church on one of the Sundays with the request to pray for my son and give me a prayer book. That summer my          need to say how devastating it was for me and also unexpected. He was growing as a very outgoing and healthy child.... I could never see that kind of thing coming.

Anyway, when I came to your church in front I was greeted by a very nice gentleman and he gave me a prayer book, oil, and also asked the priest to pray for my son. That was a big support to me and to this day I think of him with gratitude and pray for him. I was in no condition even to ask his name or anybody's name. May God bless him and grant him many years. All my prayers, gratitude and love to your whole church and all the people in your church.

I brought my son to our home in Dallas from Boston and he is living with us now. With God's help he has improved a lot but is not able to live on his own. His name is Roman. Please keep him in your prayers.

Sorry for not contacting you earlier. The last three years have been very difficult.

With Love in Christ,