August 2014

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Glory to Jesus Christ!

I hope and pray you are enjoying a beautiful summer.

 With the election of our new Metropolitan, Joseph, we want to make sure that he is welcomed with the love and respect he is due as our Father in Christ at his first Archdiocese Convention as our Primate. This adds to the solemnity of the event and to our dedication to do the very best we can to welcome him, the other hierarchs of our local synod, and our brothers and sisters from all over North American and beyond.

In this light, please remember that we all need to join together in this worthy effort. Offer your service. Offer your time. Offer your talents. If possible, make a financial contribution to underwrite the considerable expense of putting on a convention. We have received a tremendous outpouring ofsupport from around the country in every aspect and yours will only help further ensure the success of our efforts. We need your help now and most especially as we draw closer and closer to July 2015.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me, or our co-chairs, Mary Winstanley O'Connor and Raymond Sayeg. We have a remarkable community well-known for its hard work, warmth, devotion and hospitality. You all have helped to make it so. It is not too early to commit yourself to helping us make this the finest Archdiocese Convention ever.

With much love in Christ,

+Fr. Antony Hughes