January 2019

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Christ is Born!

When I read, I always keep my eyes open for beautiful things to share with you. What has been confirmed for me recently from disparate sources is that the Word of God, the Divine Logos, shines in every place and every heart that seeks the truth. The Logos_ theologians in the early church taught that the seeds of the logos are spread throughout creation. There is no place the Logos is not and we can expect that this light will break through in surprising ways from time to time.

This is the first surprising and rather prophetic quotation from the Roman poet Virgil (70 BC - September 21, 19 BC).

"Now the virgin is returning ...
A new human race is descending from the heights of heaven ...
The birth of a child, with whom the iron age of humanity will end and the golden age begin ...
Under your guidance, whatever vestiges remain of our ancient wickedness,
Once done away with, shall free the earth from its incessant fear ...
For your sake, O child, the earth, without being tilled,
Will freely pour forth its gifts ...
Your very cradle shall pour forth for you
Caressing flowers. The serpent too shall die
Assume your great honors, for the time will soon be at hand,
Dear child of the gods, great offspring of Jove!
See how it totters - the world's vaulted might.
Earth, and wide ocean, and the depth of heaven,
All of them, look, caught up in joy at the age to come."

The second comes from the Sufi poet Rumi whom the Orthodox of Asia Minor were pleased to identify as "one of ours."

"My tired heart, take a sign of relief. The time has come for you to heal. The Friend who helps all lovers has come into this world in the form of a man."

I am not sure exactly who Rumi is talking about (could be his mentor Shams), but it speaks to me of Christ the Logos who became Jesus the God-man. What about Virgil? I also do not know and yet he also speaks to my Christian heart of the One we adore and worship born of the Virgin Mary.

I rejoice that God speaks to all who will hear and to all who seek he reveals himself. Christ is Born and all creation rejoices!

Love and blessings,
 Fr. Antony