Monthly Reflections from Fr. Antony Hughes

Fr. Antony reading the Gospel In every edition of our parish's newsletter, Fr. Antony offers a short, but inspiring message to complement the activities, minsitries, and current events of the life of the church.  Below is a collection of these messages.

April 2003

All our hopes rest on this proclamation. The Resurrection represents the death of Death, the end of the tyranny of sin, and the reopening of the gates of Eden for all mankind. The eye-witness of this event, the apostles and disciples of the Lord, galvanized by their experience and filled with the Holy Spirit, spread the new Faith throughout the known world without swords, without violence changing forever the course of human history. Read more »

March 2003

We may think our Lenten effort is all about making God happy. Or that it constitutes our dutiful sacrifice in order to turn away God's just wrath. Have you ever asked or heard anyone ask of you, What are you giving up for Lent? Nothing could be further from the meaning of this Season of Preparation. Read more »

May 2002

It remains for us to communicate this Good News (Gospel) to the world through our words, yes, but even more through our deeds. St. Paul speaks of the world which groans in travail longing for the redemption of which we speak to be revealed. And so it shall be in that day that has no end. But the greatness and glory of God is also revealed even now through us when we rise up to do good, to fight injustice, to give comfort to the oppressed and charity to all those in need. Read more »

April 2002

We are issued an invitation to enter into the gracious life of God by the One who has the power to share it. God does not so much issue commands as He invites. The Incarnation, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ show us concretely who God is and what He desires for us. Read more »

March 2002

We are seeing so many familiar faces in the Gospels these days: Zaccheus the tax-collector, the Syro-Phoenician woman with her possessed child, and soon we will see again the famous Pharisee and Publican and the Prodigal Son. Therefore, all indications are that we are now headed into the period of Great Lent. Read more »

February 2002

Orthodox Christianity is all about living in God. It is about knowing Him and loving Him not because we have to, but because He is Love itself. Therefore, Orthodoxy is not about rules and rituals and obligations. The Orthodox Faith is about life. If we believe the Faith is irrelevant to our daily lives, then I suggest it is because our perceptions are wrong. Read more »

January 2002

I was recently asked what a particular doctrine of the Orthodox Church attracted me most. That was an easy question to answer. There are two dogmas of supreme importance in Orthodox Christianity: the Trinity and the Incarnation. Two things that are absolutely unchanging because they deal with the one thing that does not change. These two dogmas and the Orthodox knowledge of them are what attracted me most to our Church. Read more »

November 2001

The Church lives at once in the past, present and the future because She lives in God, who stands outside, over, and above time. The visit of our Father in Christ, Metropolitan PHILIP, demonstrated that the grace which moved the Apostles and their successors is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Read more »

October 2001

This is our work as Christians, to lift up and magnify the name of the Lord both in the congregation and in the world around us. First and foremost, we do this in and through the Divine Liturgy. We also do this by living gracefully in the world as ambassadors of Christ, sharing his infinite love with everyone we meet, and doing all we can to help those in need. Read more »

May 2001

In the afterglow of this most holy season, let us not forget to continue to embrace one another with joy and share the spirit and content of Great and Holy Pascha. In this way, we can keep Pascha alive each and every day. Read more »

April 2001

May God's richest blessings be yours in this most holy season! It is time to rejoice and celebrate. Death is slain and we are endowed with life! This is the Gospel preached by the apostles and their successors and which we continue to share with the world. Read more »

Welcome to Our Parish

I am happy to welcome you to our website. Hopefully, you will leave here with a glimpse of the unique and beautiful community that is St. Mary's Orthodox Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Perhaps you will even accept our heartfelt invitation to visit us if you are ever in the Boston area. Read more »

Parish Council

The Parish Council at St. Mary Church is composed of faithful men and women who are dedicated Orthodox Christians and who sacrifice their time, talents, and resources for the Church. We represent the parish, as clergy and laity together, and seek to fulfill the mission ascribed to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Read more »

Our Clergy at St. Mary Church

St. Mary Orthodox Church is a parish of the Diocese of Worcester and New England of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, which is an eparchy of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch.

Local Clergy


Fr Antony HughesV. Rev Antony Hughes, Pastor

Fr. Antony Hughes has been pastor of St.

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A History of St. Mary Orthodox Church

A history of our parish written on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of our Parish (2018-2019). The spirit of family, commitment and fellowship is as strong today as it was ninety years ago when those courageous immigrant families during the Great Depression, undeterred, formed our parish. Read more »

Our Church Building

Exterior DrawingSt. Mary's acquired the church house of the First Universalist Church in 1954. It is the second oldest church building in Cambridge, having been built in 1821. St. Mary's Parish is located at 8 Inman Street, however, the church building originally graced the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Main Street, approximately one half-mile from its current location. The Universalist congregation had moved the entire building from its original location in the latter decades of the 19th century (the reason for this move is lost in the mists of history).

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Our Parish Community

On Inman Street in Cambridge, St. Mary's Orthodox Church is an intriguing and complex religious institution. The community is characterized by an acceptance of diversity and eclecticism, an emphasis on the notion of the congregation as a family, and a deep commitment to the act of devotion. Read more »
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