COVID Update - May 20, 2021

Dear Parishioners: Christ is Risen!

In view of Governor Baker's recently issued order, lifting the COVID restrictions as of May 29, 2021, the COVID Committee has met and is providing you with the decision reached as to implementation.

Effective Sunday May 30, 2021, the church will be open to all for liturgy. The following guidelines will remain in place for now:

  1. All unvaccinated individuals, including children five years of age or older, must wear masks while inside the church. However, if you are vaccinated and intend to sing during the divine liturgy, you must do so with a mask on.

  2. There is to be no kissing or touching of icons.

  3. We will continue to acknowledge each other during the kiss of peace without direct contact.

  4. The social hall will remain closed until after Labor Day. The COVID Committee will be providing procedures for the reinstitution of coffee hours.

  5. A gloved altar server will hand you the holy bread after communion and at dismissal.

  6. Conversations with other households and families should occur outside the church in the fresh air.

Father Antony, the Altar servers, COVID Committee members, the chanters and choir members, of all whom are fully vaccinated, will continue to wear masks at least throughout the summer months. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that there is no fresh air circulating in the church, many medical professionals recommend continued mask wearing due to the fact we are not at herd immunity and there are mutant strains of the virus, singing results in increased exhaled emissions and we want all of our parishioners to feel safe and protected. Accordingly, we encourage all to mask up for this brief additional period of time.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience during this trying time.

In His Service,

COVID Committee

Please see our Covid-19 Safety Directives Page for more information.